I'm pretty much done with lure fishing (because I'm a lazy angler)


May 28, 2018
I like a bit of lure fishing now and then... but only now and then.

It's just a bit repetitive - you chuck it out, you wind it back... you move to the next spot... you chuck it out, you wind it back. The takes are great, no question, but they don't always happen and some days you get the feeling they aren't going to.
It's all the lost lures, traces, swivels, etc that also bugged me. I too was obsessed with light lure fishing to the point where I started to deliberately target silvers with tiny lures cos I got abit bored with perch. You start buying crazy lures which are no good for what you are fishing for. I probably had more fun lure fishing with my son's 5ft Fladen tele spin rod than I did with buying expensive ultra light lure rods too.