Im not dead yet !


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Jul 8, 2003
Until you become unwell, you don't really appreciate how bloody great it is to feel pain free and fit.
Get there soon Mick, and feed us some more of your poetical diaries.

The one and only Harvey

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Apr 5, 2020
Hope you get well soon.

You have to fight these bacteria without mercy. Try the following steps: 1. Find bacteria. 2. Pinch one between your thumb and index finger. 3. Place him (most likely her) on a well sanded piece of wood. 4. Take other piece of wood, equally well sanded, and knock him (most likely her) dead! 5. Repeat.

I spent the last four days inhospital with a gallbladder attack and an acommpanying pancreatitis. Bloody painful it was. They kept me at the emergency room from from 01:30 am to 06.00 am, for pain relief and observation, before rushing me off the hospital in an ambulance. I came home today.