Im not dead yet !

robert d

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Dec 27, 2013
I may feel halfway there at the moment but I definately feel better than I did on wednesday

got taken to the hospital feeling and looking like ghost, the infection I had the other week had returned with a bang, the pills i had been prescribed then had seemed to work, but hadnt quite killed it all off

wench made me go online weds through a NHS site linked to my closed doctors surgery (its shut due to covid until at least the 23rd) and I went through an online consultation with a remote doctor, hundred questions later i was finished and was to be told of the result within 24hrs

hour later a text message came through that an appointment had been made at the clinic at a local hospital at 4.20pm that after

kin ell, I bricked it, not expecting the urgency of that reply, staggerred upstairs and had a shower and put on clean underwear for the doctor and then off to see the medic

quite a serious inspection of my general health, blood pressure, breathing heart rates all done with whizz bang electronics and then a inspection of the actual parts of the poor old boys body

bloods taken new urine test supplied, awaiting results from those

New medication supplied and info given as to watch for possisble exacerbation of the problems involved

meds make me feel pretty awful for about 3 hours after taking them

but I do feel better than I did, ate a small meal of soup with a roll yesterday, first food for about 4 days

thanks for the Pm enquires as to wether Im alright (y)
Get better soon Mick

david white

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Jan 6, 2011
Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery
( fingers cross no news is good news looking forward to an update as and when BUT your general wellbeing MUST come first )


space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
Thanks for your kind words everybodypeeps.

the meds have definately started to kick in, ate again last night, small childs portion of shepherds pie, and managed a short walk with himself this morn

tried my first cigarette since last tuesday this morning, what a mistake that was, had to chuck it after half a dozen draws, maybe this cloud has a siver lining


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Apr 21, 2018
Bloody hell I don't half feel guilty now ,.
Let me explain.
I offered our OP to come out and have a days fishing ,not once but twice so thought sod ya you old bugger and got the voodoo doll out and pished on it .
Didn't expect it to work that good.
I've stuck it in the washing machine now so you should start feeling better now Mick . And the dizzy feeling was probably the spin cycle of the machine.
Get well soon mate and I will see about sorting another day down in Hythe