I'm Happy

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the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
Hi All

I just wanted to let you all know that i'm a very happy chappyicon_smile.gif

I've just had a phone call from an old fishing pal that i haven't seen for a long (to long) time.

He's coming down to Stafford tonight so i'm off out for a meal with him n his Lady (& Dian of course).

Which means only Stu will be on guard cos Daves done one to France (all together now "& he can stay there") as Stu is gonna have his work cut out for him i have a big favour to ask!!!

Please behave cos i'd hate to come back & find Stu pulling whats left of his hair out & ranting like a madman (hold on Stu does that all the time anyway) & apart from anything else if there has been any shananigans (thats a big word isn't it ? we know a song about that don't we?) as Arnie says " I'll Be Back" & you will be MODERATED
OH & Peter for christs sake don't crash the forum AGAIN

You've just been moderated
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