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the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
The black motor that shot of J14 of the M6 this morning was Mr Perks running late for opening the fishery?

If the white escort estate had been 30 seconds ahead of where it was i think i would be in a rather foul mood right now as my daughter was sat in the passenger seat of that car and i was following in my car on my way to work!

May i suggest you try slowing down a LOT when you come off the motorway mate and don't drive like such a fool along a road where lots of police live, the lorry might have been going slow BUT you'll probably find as it was a Stan Robinson wagon they know what the residents of Gt Bridgford are like for taking registration numbers and reporting the cars/drivers using the "resident roadwatch" scheme.

I'm pretty sure the last thing the fishery needs is a bit of bad publicity especially as two of the councillors for the Seighford/Gt Bridgeford parish live in Seighford and at least one lives on the Eccleshall road in Gt Bridgeford!!
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