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Feb 24, 2002
Just wondered if you guys and girls would find this of interest.
A customer mailed it into my company.
I get to excited when I finally get to the fishing bank to remember just two of these tips.

I think his name was Mr Encyclopaedia

Enjoy, Regards Roger

General + match
If your having problems with the float going under when river fishing, try burying the hook in a caster so it wont snag

Bream wont chase a bait down stream, you must slow the bait down or even to a halt in the flow

The majority of the feed for bream should be introduced at the start and left for a large shoal to find.

Wind in the east, fish bite least, wind in the west, fish bite best

When arriving at a carp water, try stiring up the mud in the margins to attract the carp there.

When pole fishing for carp and you keep loosing fish, try striking towards the snag

On canals start down the far shelf then move up to find bonus fish

The bomb can be a get out of jail free card, as when bites stop or wind increases. A bomb can be used over a waggler or pole line

When plumbing up on the waggler, remove a shot and loop the line over the float so it stands upright on the line.

When fishing bread punch and you want to trickle some feed in every cast, wet the pole float and dip it into the punch crumb so some of it sticks to it, dont let the float touch the water until it is over your swim, or tyy fishing with a small pole cup attached to your pole

Stake your keep net by your feet, so if a small fish falls off as you swing it in, then it will fall into the net and not back into the water.

Bait the hook before you fill a feeder as the maggots/worms etc, will crawl out before youve cast

When fishing a feeder accurately, before the feeder hits the water, pull the rod to the left or the right, and then put it on the rest, otherwise the feeder will be pulled a long way from where you cast to, when you pull the rod over to the rest.

To get a feeder bait down to the bottom without small fish getting it, put the hookbait inside the feeder and cast out, let the ground bait soften then do a few turns of the reel to empty the feeder and expose the hook bait

On canals, if you use the waggler, leave it to the last hour if possible, as the splashing may loose you fish.

If there is a possibility of chub on your canal, in the last ten minutes, feed a couple of pouches of maggots to try to spur one to feed, you probably will only catch one though, and the maggots will wreck the swim, a good last few minutes method.

When troubled by line bites when big fish feeder fishing, slacken the line so the tip is straight and wait for the tip to pull round.

Winter-wind over back, summer- wind in to face

Hot weather for surface fish (carp and still water chub) use wagg and magg tactics (small dumpy float set very shallow with loads of maggots fed at it)

Also try floating maggots. To do this, simply cover them in a thin film of water and leave for 10-15 minutes. A bait box with a hole cut in the lid will stop them from escaping while wet, but will allow you to get at them easily.

When exact distance is needed on the pole between sections, mark on it with tipex where your hand goes.

When transferring big fish from landing net to keep net, put the landing net head inside the keep head and gently tip the fish out so if it flips and you drop it, it will just fall into the keep net and not the water.

Accurate casting-choose a far bank marker to aim at, use a line clip (not for big fish unless right near restrictive far bank or snag) when casting tight to features, at end of cast aim the rod tip at where you want the float/bomb/feeder to go. Memorise a particular point on a reflection (not shadow - they move with the sun) on the water and remember where the float is in comparison.

You cant use a line clip for big fish but you can tie some pole elastic to the line at the correct place and attach the elastic to the clip. When a big fish is hooked, unclip the elastic (you will have enough time because it stretches,) and play the fish. At the end you can simply re-clip the elastic and hay-presto, you can now cast to the same spot again.

In deep water when feeder fishing using a line clip, the feeder can ark towards you spreading the feed, instead before the feeder lands, pull the rod back and when the feeder hits the water, slowly move the rod forward van follow the feeders descent. Another method is to tie a piece off cotton onto the line where the clip should be and feel for it on the cast, when you feel it pass by, break the line so the feeder lands then slacken it so the feeder falls in a straight line

Use a heavy enough float to cast well past the distance you are casting to, this will compensate for deteriorating weather conditions and casting will be more accurate and not forced.

In shallow water, use a short dumpy float to stop it from crashing right down through the water and scaring the fish.

When swinging in larger fish that you dont need a net for, slide them across the surface of the water to empty its gills, so it doesnt flip around full of water and fall off.

The smaller the amount of float sticking out of the water, the more sensitive the float, and so better the bites.

If you cant see bites with a float, push a shot nearer the hook or even increase the shots size as when a fish lifts this shot, the float has less weight holding it down so it will rise. Increasing the size of that tell tail shot will make the float rise higher and will give a more positive lift bite.

Use float adapters for quick change of float

Braided line is great for feeder fishing as it wont stretch and will show more positive bites, but dont strike, just lift into the fish because there is no shock absorber. Avoid floating braid.

Put permanent marker on feeders to camouflage feeder

Fill reel with line to the brim for casting ease

White float tip in dull conditions/shadow- black tip in bright sunny conditions

Put candle wax on stiff rod joints.

Use heavy plummet to feel features. Especially handy on the pole, and on rivers.

Wire stemmed pole floats for choppy conditions, carbon or other for on the drop

Have your disgorger on string around neck

Soak reel line in washing-up liquid to help it sink.

When slider fishing, use a larger than normal float and so it rises quicker, attach it to the line with a snap link swivel. So the swivel doesnt go over the stop knot, put a bead between it and the float.

Dont have pumps and stuff for storing Joker? Then keep them for a couple of weeks in a cat litter tray, just cover with water and keep at the bottom of the fridge, change the water weekly. Although, pumps do only cost a couple of quid from pet shops.

Try dropping sloppy groundbait in your squats, they will then stick to it and you can then throw them further

Try scalding pellets in hot water, they can now be formed into balls and fired a long way.

When conditions are hard, why not try crushed casters in groundbait or feeder, a lot can be fed with a large amount of scent, but the fish cant eat it.

Riddle (sieve) maize or sawdust off maggots so it doesnt blow into your eyes, or end up in pole joints

Maggots break up balls of groundbait mid depth or even mid flight whilst thrown, try casters or squats instead

Add curry or turmeric powder to maggots. Especially effective in winter and for roach

Try frying luncheon meat in oil, for extra attractant

A big black spot in a maggot means its fresh and healthy, small black spot- poor and old

Keep casters in water while you are fishing- keeps them from turning and starting to float

Keep hemp in water while you are fishing- stops it from drying out

When feeding hemp or when faced with bait shy fish, try a piece of black sweetcorn on the hook

Try removeing a hemp seeds cover and just fish the white kernel

Flaked maize- substitute for sweet corn

Liquidised sweet corn is great bait to add to a method mix, as it binds it together well

Freshly ploughed field- good for collecting lobworms

Compost heap- good for collecting worms

Keep a damp towel over groundbait or spray with atomiser to stop it from drying out

Use dark groundbait in clear waters, fish feed more confidently over it

Clear water canal- try bread punch for roach and skimmers

Keep worms in moss in a fridge

Why not catapult chopped worm instead of cupping, and catch shallow.

Keep casters in an air tight box or bag

Rip luncheon meat instead of cutting into cubes- less weary to fish

Dye and flavour sweet corn, first heat in microwave for a few seconds then allow to soak in food colouring and flavourings

Riddle (sieve) groundbait, and push the lumps through, even for big fish, as you will end up, with a more consistent mix.

Use water from cooking hemp and juice from sweet corn tins to add to groundbait

Half fill a flask with hemp, then fill 3 quarters of the way up with boiling water (important as hemp expands when cooked) - in the morning you will have instant hemp.

Bury the hook into caster so the fish cant see the hook.

Try liquidised hemp as feed.

You can freeze groundbait, hemp, sweet corn etc, to use again

Try boiled rice for pre-baiting or feed

For roach try hemp and caster

For bream remember red- red groundbait, red maggot, red sweet corn, red worm and red squat

Golden groundbait additives for bream- squat and chopped worm

Tench 5 favourites, boilys, bread, corn, maggot and caster

Tench love hemp based groundbait

When hooking worm, cut off the head and hook through that end. The fish are attracted by the juices released


Tench and bream tips noted Floats,erm forgot the others[LoL]
Nice one mate.



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Sep 18, 2001
Nice and helpfull Roger,
Something for everyone there.


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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks floats,
Glad to see you have got the Kamasan list up, but you are making me wait 'til Junes special deal lol
(Although 80p is better than the 95 I pay now!)
Any 25 boxes?

Can you get the 911 still?
Do kamasan still do it?
Cheers now

PS The full wind verse is
When the wind is in the East
Then the fish they bite the least,
When the wind is in the North,
Then the fish will venture Forth,
When the wind is in the South,
It blows the bait into the fishes mouth,
But when the wind is in the West!
That's when the fish will bite the best!


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Jan 24, 2002
thwe saying of wind in the east was told to me nearrly 40yrs ago and to this date i still believe in it &i only believe what i see this is as solid fact as the CURSE and i would never mock that

tight lines.


Feb 24, 2002
Thanks for looking at my site
The 911 still is now the 911 barbless carp match hook and we have some on order

as for 25's why not buy 3x10's cheaper than the price of one 25, lol

June is not so far away, LMAO.

With the kindest regards



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Apr 18, 2002
The missing 5 hooks is made up by the plastic box the 25 come in though. I buy 50 hooks at a time (i never reuse a hook and change it the instant its blunt) and shoving all 50 hooks in to a plastic sleeve is no where near as convinient or as safe as using the plastic box.

Its not what you have got, it's how you use it


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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks Roger, away for 1/2 May, so expect an order early June
(particularly if you can source 911s, I like the bend and strength)
I use magnetic hook boxes, so don't care what they come in, but 25s are usually cheaper than 2and 1/2 tens!



Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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