I.T. Problems


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Dec 2, 2018
A friend of mine is having problems with his operating system. Things went well for several years using Feedersoft87, occasionally running it alongside PlayboyXL. The issues started however when he decided to upgrade to Newwife.XP and that's when he found his access to programmes that he had previously enjoyed being severely restricted. To remedy this he installed Fishingmates91 but found his access limited to one session a week. Following a chance encounter on one of these visits he discovered, and then installed Mistress69, which is a plug and play system, coming with a capacity of a nybble and a petabyte. The proprietary name being Apple Lisa. This worked well for quite a while but then not only did he end up with a nasty virus, but he also found out that it was not compatible with Newife.XP. This resulted in not only severe damage to his hardware, but also caused his entire system to shut down for several weeks. By this stage his mainframe was in very poor condition, and is only options during this time were DOS and SPAM, blaming the whole issue on his random access memory. He has tried to re-install Fishingmates 91, but found out that his licence has expired. He would welcome any helpful advice.