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May 31, 2019
This is a cause which is very close to home. I’ve been sober for nine years and I’m doing fine but when I joined AA I was literally at deaths door. AA saved my life. There are Zoom meetings at the moment but have been no proper AA meetings since March. People in desperation need a meeting in a room with other (mostly recovered) alcoholics not a zoom meeting. This petition is asking the government to allow AA and other addiction support groups to meet. As friends I am asking you to support this petition and take a moment to sign it. The lack of meetings is costing many more lives than covid would if the meetings were allowed. People are allowed to meet in pubs and churches as well as in their workplaces. This is essential work which will genuinely save lives. If you feel you don’t agree with it then don’t sign it but I would really appreciate it if this thread didn’t descend into argument or frivolity. Thank you all in advance.