Hurst Farm, Bridgnorth


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Jul 4, 2019
Anyone know it?

I have a bit of a dilemma of where to fish tomorrow. Got 2.5 Pints of Disco maggots, loads of 4mm pellets, and a few tins of sweetcorn. Wanted to fish Himley Hall again but got no hemp, and it's going to be busy so looking for other places to fish and this caught my attention. Think it was the hemp that made my helicopter rig so deadly at Himley so going to wait until next week when my next lot of hemp arrives and it will quieter compared to a Sunday.

Apparently there's a quarter acre 'Crucian Pit' at Hurst Farm. Is it any good? Worth fishing? It's the Crucian Pit that has my attention and it can't be any worse than KDAA Pool despite it's small size?

Edit - just called them and they told me not many people fish the Crucian Pit and it's a bit murky at the moment being under trees but the middle lake is worth fishing, so I'll have a look tomorrow and see what it's saying.

My other option is the local canal which I don't fancy due to lack of boats, wasn't fishing well last time I tried.
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