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Jun 24, 2010
Hi All, [:W]

I have been an avid reader on the forum for quite some time but now the time has come to join!

After being out of 'the game' for around 3 years I got back into fishing around 1 month ago. To get me started I visited my local water, Bitterwell Lake. Not the best fishery ever but it has got me back into the swing of things.

I was once a member of Bathampton AA and used to fish (often badly!) Hunstrete lake.

I am not a carp angler as such and usually have 2 rods, 1 feeder and 1 float. I used to fish the main lake but found it awfully difficult often not catching much.

Reading up on the complex recently it seems that maybe the Withy Pool is the best lake to fish for the methods I use. I gather the main lake is mainly for Speci carp? Althought the bream and tench are what attract me to that lake.

Any way sorry for the ramble but has anyone fished Hunstrete complex recently and if so what are the best baits, methods to use?

Many Thanks [:D] and I hope to get to know some of you better over the coming months.



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Dec 12, 2008
hi mate, welcome to the site.
i fish hunstrete a lot! maybe too much. but as a fishery it has so much going for it.
the main lake does hold a good head of bream but they do need locating, they tend to go into the narrower (shallower) end of the lake when they spawn and then migrate back into the deeper water.

Bridge pool is my favourite lake as it contains quality skimmers around a pound which keep you busy in between the carp that average 8-10, the most effective method on here i found is paste fished into open water and some margins. but a method feeder or pellet waggler chucked tight to most islands will produce bites all day.
i found the best pegs on this lake are 6,7,15,16,24,26,27,28,29,30,31. however they can vary according to weather conditions.

withy pool is home to many many big carp along with 150 stockies introduced 4 years ago. the carp average around 10lb and there are now believed to be ten or so twenties in this lake. this lake also produces big bream in pegs 45-49 consistently. i find this lake can be deadly when fished on the top with bread or dog biscuit. again paste works well for the carp but a ledger work well too. although the main island is very shallow and rocky tight up against it the smaller island towards the far end of the lake always seems to hold fish with peg 50 being the flyer! my favourite pegs include 44-50, 54,66,67,68,
hope to see you down there some time. [:W]
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