hudsons farm again

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Nov 19, 2002
hello md's,
i went to hudsons today, well i got there at 11 o'clock and set up a quiver tip with feeder loaded with brown crumb and pellet powder with a single maggot on a size 18 hook ,a carp rod with a inline weight and boilie (honey)with a size 10 hook.after fishing for half an hour without any bites or movment i decided to move i walk around the pond and casted out but changed the boilie to a strawberry pop-up.i blank for the next 2 hours so i started talking to the guy next to me and he said he'd had nothing either so i decided its time for a special attack so out came the activ-8 boilies that i wrapped in van den eynde super paste tutti frutti.half an hour later 'bleep!!!!!' i froze it bleeped again my alarm was going i dived at my rod and struck into nothing i'd missed it,i noticed a guy accross the pond using a float rod and catching so i put my carp rod away and set up my match rod and float then my feeder started going so i reeled in a nice rudd at 3oz and then a minute little skimmer and then a roach on the match rod and then a bream of a pound on the feeder and then rudd roach and skimmers on the feeder and match rod every few minutes then it went quite so i sat and waited as i noticed bubbles aruond were i'd placed my feeder i had a little bite on the match rod so i struck it and got a little roach as i put it back my feeder rod bent around and bounced back and stopped and nothing else i struck and felt no resistance so i left it i then got a few more rudd and roach on the feeder and finished the day off with a bream of 1 and half pound and that was the day.thats another tail from fishing_mad the boy that can catch........a cold

[:)]Fishing Mad[:)]
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