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Aug 8, 2001
From Roger at Floats-Direct:

What do anglers do in a fishing shop when they see a rod they like the look of.

Well I have studied fishermen looking at rods in our shop and see if you have done any of the following.

They read the label quickly then glance at the Size of rod, cost, action, handle, application, rod care, finish, ring spacing, then ask us questions like is the rod braid approved, and so it goes on, What happens next is

They feel the rod, rub the handle, put the three sections of the rod together, turn the rod upside down and look through the rings right to the end like a telescope, waggle the rod from side to side and up and down so that the rod acts like a whip, they usually turns to a mate or someone they don't even know and say " brill this rod for the price" hoping the person they turned to will have one and endorse his choice as a good one, of course the rod has hooked him before any fish has got even near to it.

The conclusion is he buys or not but the shop owner will break the rod back into 3 sections and put it back on the rack for the next angler to do the self same thing all over again, or the shop owner swipes his card and puts the rod in a shiny new tube and off the angler goes "well happy mate and good at double the price".

Well I have done most of the above at some time and it's all part of falling in love with a new treasured rod and all of us at Floats Direct feel that the excitement of a new rod in your hands is the only way to go and we are the first to realise that when buying on the internet no amount of pictures, tech detail or descriptive writing will ever get near to seeing the product and feeling it hands on.


If you see a Maver rod on our site and would like a 14-day home trial then nothing could be simpler.

Just add the rod to your tacklebox (shopping Cart)

Fill in all the details through the checkout area including your credit card details and I will guarantee a money back home trial period of 14 days.

As long as the rod is returned to us in the same condition as you received it we will give you a full refund back to your credit card the same day as receipt of the rod, or we can send you another home trial rod in it's place for you to view and a full refund on that if you are still not happy.


The site address is and is well recommended by many of this site's visitors, so pay them a visit and take him up on his offer,



All true Dave, seen it often in the tackle shop, to add further, the customer even goes back to the rod 3/4/5 times and does it all over again,,, and yup me included,, [;)][;)][;)]

i'm going to bait up
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