How would you fish it?


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Aug 15, 2008
I no longer fish any matches and I don’t fish canals as much as I once did, however when I do fish my local canal I usually choose three different lines to attack whether it’s winter or summer and whether I’m using a rod or a long pole.
Of coarse I will vary the amount and types of bait that I use and go down in hook sizes and hooklengths to match the seasons.

The three lines I usually choose to fish are usually a) Tight up against the far bank, b) half way down the far shelf, and c) half way down the near shelf, however if there is very little boat traffic and or there are Bream shoals swimming up and down the stretch then my third area may be along the central channel.

I usually tend to start off fishing along the far shelf (not on top of the shelf) using either punch, Pinkies or casters on my hook, and light feeding either liquified bread (if I’m using bread punch on the hook), Pinkies or caster and/or hemp in very small doses every 2 or 3 minutes or so.

And then after about half an hour I will move tight up to the far bank (where I’ve also been regularly feeding small amounts of feed) to see if any of the Chub or small Carp that live along this stretch and which tend to feed there have moved in.
If not I’ll return to the far shelf (or the near shelf) again.

Every now and then I’ll either try tight against the far bank again, or try the near shelf swim, just to give the far shelf line a rest and to see if any fish are feeding there.

NB: All of the time I’ll have been continually introducing very small amounts of loose feed into my three target areas. (tight against the far bank, plus up the far shelf, and down the near shelf.

This is how I approach the Grand Union Canal between just above Watford up to just below Milton Keynes anyway.
Which might or might not be of use to you.

Tight lines
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William hurst

Nov 6, 2020
Its slightly a desperation thing just to get out the house after being holed up for weeks 😅 just trying establish if there's any tactic that might get a couple bites just to differentiate sitting on the bank from some sitting in the garden 👍🏻

Was thinking that, will have to look over the next couple days as the ground may freeze over the weekend again.
Go on YouTube Jon Arthur he has some good fish out of the Oxford canal have a look.


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Mar 10, 2019
Go on YouTube Jon Arthur he has some good fish out of the Oxford canal have a look.
Yeah he put a good roach on bread video up last week. The canal was starting to produce a few fish again last week when we had those few warmer days but this cold will have killed it again now. Thinking of having a go back end of next week when it should have warmed a little again.


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Dec 3, 2006
If the canal is iced up that is a great time to go - break the ice and fish up to/close to it's edge. Have had many good days when the weather is sub-zero and the canal is a sheet of ice.