How was the fishing yesterday ?

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Jun 9, 2004
At lunchtime yesterday I went for a walk around Lifford reservoir, not far from here, but in the few minutes I was there I saw three fish caught and a few topping, not a lot but a few.

Its not often that the people fishing there catch many. I sat on the bench and watched what was really a scene with very little happening and wondered what a non angler would make of it sizing up the situation.

I had a hunch that this was a very good day for fishing. Ok, there was some visual evidence, a bit, but more than that, I had a very strong feeling, a hunch. The whole place 'seemed' different.

In the evening i went to my current favourite stretch of canal. For no particular reason, in the afternoon, I'd had the idea of trying hempseed and thats what I did. Took a small bag out of the freezer and off I went.

Well, I couldnt put a foot wrong. Everything went right. I thought that if it was going to work it may take a while for them to take to it, but I was into fish early on and it never stopped untill I had to pack up early because of the impending thunderstorm and the darkness that came with it.

Positive bites, hardly a fish dropped off, skimmers hybrids and roach abounding just past my rod tip and all I used was half a cup, if that of small hemp. One of my best trips there that left me with a glow.

I'm wondering, were other places the same ? I know not everywhere will have been and results depend on other things besides general conditions, not least like are there any fish in the swim to start with, but i'm wondering. Were they , generally speaking ?

Was it all the rain we've had ? Was it the air pressure ? Anything else ?
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