How to Save all your Photos uploaded to FaceBook


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Aug 8, 2001
With the recent changes to Facebook's style many people are considering leaving it, however they've got your photos and videos that you've added over the years - or have they?

Log into FaceBook,

Click the 'Account' arrow on the far-right navigation

Select 'Settings & Privacy' followed by 'Settings

On the left hand side navigation select 'Your Facebook information'

**You now have Two Options - Transfer to another storage solution, or Download to your PC/device**

Option 1: Transfer to another storage solution

Find 'Transfer a copy of your photos and videos' and then click the 'View' link alongside it and follow the instructions (step 3 in red)

Option 2: Download to your PC/device

Find 'Download your information' and then click the 'View' link alongside it (step 3 in green)

Deselect everything you don't need but leave 'Photos and videos' selected (step 4 below)

Click the blue 'Create File' button and wait for the file to be created (step 5 below)

Once created download the file.
This will take some time and you can click the 'Available copies' tab to check on progress can leave the page and come back to it later following the same route above.





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