How to make a quality wire trace


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Aug 1, 2012
First we need to take our chosen tools and hooks etc..

I always use drennan Esox 28lb wire, with fox crimps, the two just go perfectly together.


Next we cut a good length of wire, I like to do about 18'', next take a crimp and thread it onto the wire and then place a treble under it, next we loop the wire round and feed it up through the crimp and feed it through til it just pokes out the crimp (the end should be parallel to the other bit of wire).
Once u have done this next take your crimpers, I like the fox ones, you can't over crimp with them and they place 5 crimp holes, if u use the fox ones then u need to crimp both sides to be safe, if you don't own a set I recommend getting some.. But if use pliers then don't press down to hard as you will end up cutting to deep in and the trace will be no good!

This is the stage you should be at:


Next bit is the tricky bit! We are going to twist the wire around the hook to keep it in place!..

Place the hook above the other hook and loop the wire around the bottom of the shank of one of the trebles.

Like so:



We then take the top end where the swivel will go and loop it around the bottom of the shank working the way to the top and then feed it through the eye of the hook and pull tight



Next we are going to put the swivel on, just the same way as we put the bottom hook on so I won't go into detail on this one ;)


That's the trace basically done! If you want to make it pretty and also add some more attraction for pike add some nice bait flags

The end product: