How to Drive your wife crazy

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Feb 9, 2003
Start asking her questions (dont mistakenly do anything) about cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Say, I think its time I learn to take care of myself. You know, just in case.

Volunteer to cook for her. Make sure its real greasy. Use every pot and pan in the house and be sure you spill and/or drop some of everything everywhere.

While brushing your teeth, flick the toothbrush first at the sink and then at the mirror.

Never ask her to get you something from the kitchen when shes in the kitchen. Let her spend a good 30 minutes in there and when she reaches the sofa with a sigh of relief say, Will you PLEASE do me a big favor and get me a beer, my back is just killing me today.

Be sure to load up all your pockets with tissues before you drop them in the clothes hamper.

Leave yourself a trail of clothing, towels, dishes, and everything else you put your hands on. This will ensure you never lose your way.

Wait until shes overwhelmed with work (Weekly Opportunity) lean in close and say, Did you see how dusty the leaves on your house plants are?

Put on a TV program and them pretend to keep falling asleep. Wake up each time she tries to change the channel and say, Quit it, you know how much I looked forward to watching this. Dont be so selfish.

Wait until she is totally engrossed in a movie then tell her something is bugging you and you really need to talk about it. Be sure its as stupid, boring, and long winded as you can make it.

Wait until shes finally lost a few pounds on that diet. Start having uncontrollable urges for her favorite sin foods. (Most effective between 8-10 PM) When she repeatedly declines, stick it in her face anyway and say, Oh, stop it! A little ________ isnt going to hurt you. Continue until all weight is regained. Then ask, Hey, youve been on that diet a long time now, how much have you lost?

Keep calling her at work to find out what time she plans to get home and what she plans to make for dinner. Make sure your just not in the mood for whatever shes making.

When the opportunity arises be sure to cut the grass in your brand new white sneakers.

When you retrieve your clothes from the closet leave the hanger in place and pull on the clothing until the hanger is mangled enough to allow the article to slip off.

Tell her something for the first time and act shocked that she didnt know about it. Pout and exclaim, And you have the nerve to say I never listen to YOU.

When you know shes grocery shopping, disappear! Come home just in time to watch her carry the last bag in. Grab the receipt and say, Ill get the rest of it for you dear. Feign suprise when she says thats it. End with, This is all you got for how much?

On the odd occasion you actually clean up a disgusting mess you made, use the best towels in the house.

As your stomach grows just wear your pants lower and flop it over the waistband.

Than brag that unlike your wife, you still wear the same size you did when you got married.

Wait until the night before you go on vacation and say, Hon, you know the underwear and socks you packed for me? Well the elastic is shot and I need new ones.

Always leave the shower head at just the right angle to hit her in the face with that jet of cold water when she turns it on.

When doing filthy jobs around the house be sure to wear your good clothes.

Harass her into telling people a story and proceed to interrupt every other sentence with , No thats not what..

Whenever something is ready to break make sure your wife is the next to use it. When it breaks, look at her and say, What the hell did you do. I never had a problem with it.

Whenever the dog, cat, or the kids are being cute theyre yours. When they need something, theyre hers.


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Feb 17, 2006
Talk about a death wish.......this is the best example of giving her lawyer a clear cut case for divorce having ticked every box (and some) for unreasonable behaviour. Say good bye to everything you ever owned, will own or thought about owning........
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