How much bait?

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Jun 20, 2003
Today I fished with 907g bag of corn for baiting up during a 9 hour session pluss half a tin of meat, I mean the BIG TIN meat not that you buy from you're local store Pluss my paste weighs 1pound nothing else.

what about you how much would you take? to a carp venues If only meat and corn + paste allowed[?] "9 hours fishing"

Q:2 How much would you say a single carp at 5lb can scoff [?]

Myself I think a Carp 5lb would easly eat a large tin of corn to its self what would you say[?]


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Aug 20, 2003
I'll get the ball rolling,I once caught a small trout that had 54 corn kernels no kidding in its stomach.We had been loosefeeding heavily.I think a 5lb plus carp could easily mop up around 1 pound or more of corn especially during summer. When i fish in summer i can usually get away with a medium size can of corn and around 3+ kilo's of groundbait for say a 5/6 hour session.

Still i think they would happily eat more but i don't think it's needed ,Over here at least.

Cheers Shaun

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