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Apr 18, 2004
Hi , Yesterday i had a Video Call from Hospital about Carpul Tunnel on my right hand,
i was asked to hold my hand up so doc could see it and tell her about the symptoms,
At that point her video link went off i could not see her ,but she could see me.

Iwas asked how long it had been going on i said around a year i had a hand nerve test last July,
so i told her the letter with result said i have severe Carpul tunnel.

Doctor then said i cant treat your Carpul tunnel because you have a squashed nerve in your Elbow
and a squashed nerve in your neck,i asked her how she came to that conclusion,

consultant who looked at my hand only looked at hand did not look at my elbow or neck,i said have you got the right person,
she went quiet checked i was right right person then said i think you a face to face appointment,
so now im waiting again for a letter another year to wait maybe



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Jan 30, 2010
Sounds like bull to me. The expert who deals with carpal tunnel will also deal with elbow trouble and shoulder trouble.
Well I had 2 carpal tunnel ops 2 elbow ops and all done off same bloke.
Not 100% sure he does shoulders tbh but have had injections in shoulders off him.
And boy. Did them hurt