Hopton Waters (Report)

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Matt Carter

May 27, 2002
Hopton Waters (In between Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Mirfield) 10mins from Junction 25 of M62.
Smallish place, just about an acre in size. Oval in shape with a central island to fish to from every peg around the water. Approximately 30 pegs in total but about ten of them are within range of the golf driving range so you have to be prepared to fish under your brolly and stand the constant bombardment (although it doesn't seem to bother the fish!?). The pegs are well thought out and maintained but the reeds do tend to grow in and the fish love nothing more than diving into them just as you're about to slip the landing net under them. Depth varies from almost nothing at the end where you drive in to about 7 feet nearest to the driving range. I spent 5 hours on the car park side and 3 hours on the opposite side and the fishing was much the same. Waggler produced both close in and to the island. While feeder generally brought the better fish. Swarms of small perch and roach with tench upto 6oz. Skimmers to 1lb and loads of orfe/ide to 1lb. Didn't see anything of the carp but did get bust off a couple of times by something that went charging off towards the island before things went twang! Can get a bit breezy (due to the fact that it's on top of the hills) but well worth a couple of hours after work rather than a full day session.
Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has been here and how they got on?


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Oct 5, 2001
Matt, thanks for report,
Great stuff.
They're idle buggers on here and we need this good info, so put your reports under Fishing talk, 'where you fished today'and you'll get the response your work deserves! LOL
Thanks again mate, sincerely and drop down the M1 a bit,
Chesterfield area would be handy!
Sounds a nice day that place, gotta be better than an evening, WHEN the weather turns!
I blame those Leeds Yorkies, its their area LOL


PS did you pick any Penfold Ace balls up?
Just a thought!

Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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