Holland !!!!

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Mar 31, 2002
Notice the exclamation marks.
That is due to the fact that i am having serious difficulty finding any info about our recently booked annual angling / beer swilling holiday - this year we are going to Holland.
We are staying at the De Koerberg holiday centre which is near the village of Heerde.
And thats all i know!!!!
No maps of the area, no knowledge of fishing spots and how to get there, no luck finding a route from the hook of Holland to our digs.
Anyone have any ideas? they would be welcomed!



Apr 15, 2002
Theres a little bit about it in the Anglers World brochure but not much, your accommodations in there though. Good luck finding some more info Splodger.



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Steve M

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Feb 7, 2003
Hi Splodger,
I fished in Holland with friends about 4/5 years ago.The memory is getting a bit fuzzy, but I know it was between Eindhoven and Nijmegen.I know this is not your area but the principles may be similiar.It was during the Summer and it rained for a week solid.We fished mostly on a canal, the likes of which I had never seen before.It was approx. 250+ metres wide and carried ocean going bulk freighters and tankers. They were never a direct problem as they were all well out from the bank.However the draw as they approached meant the water level dropped considerably,and then rose as the wash passed.As long as you did not sit right at the edge it was OK. Keepnets had to be well secured or thy could easily get washed away. We fished mostly on grounbait feeder with maggot + worm.It was a bit patchy but like Ireland fishing the same swim on the following day, after prebaiting, worked well.Mostly Bream,Roach,Perch + Eels.Towards the end of the week we were catching well with some big nets of Bream (and hybrids).Another bonus was in many places you can park immediately behind your peg.I don't know if it will apply to you, but we also had a problem with mussels on a ledge, about 15 metres from the bank, which cut through the mainline, unless you got the feeder up in the water early enough. With a fish on it was just a matter of being firm to get them up off the bottom.
Hope this is of some help.
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