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neil fallows

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May 4, 2003
Heres Glenns report[8D][8D][8D][8D][8D]
Pass on neil and thanks mate !
Ok fished Moat outside Cape Helios friday afternoon for a couple of hours to pass time on,just got broke by a carp so nowt new there then !
Saturday fished Groines after prebaiting ,the busheshad gone so we could'nt hide bait for next morning ,4 of us fished and had between 20 to 34 bream plus 3 Ide
Fished again sunday better this time ,dont think it had been fished for a while anyway i had 33 and carl and his dad had 30 our kid 28,so after 2 days where to go to next ?
We looked at Bernise outside pub and in car park baited up carpark but carl did'nt fancy it so me and our kid stopped on the way back at the little bridge over the cut we fished last year dug out the pegs baited up for monday morning .
First chuck bream ,this was to be a very good day we finished with 89 bream plus 24-26 roach,very nice bonus but only showing the time the bream went off the feed [more later]
We filled it in but only with loose feed for next morning,this was even better finishing with 107 bream and abonus 14lb common for our kid
After sitting on my cushion for 2 days we thought we would have a change so wednesday we found ourselves fishing the Voorne [oh no!] but it was the green bank in the town,set out to fish the pole only ,baited up the night before sat it out for 7 hours on the pole line before retuning to feeder,4 bream but you will see later that 4 bream was good ?
Well after sitting on the Voorne [must i ?]we went to fill in the Beach 80 balls yeah just 80 but these were of very large proportions anyway that done ,we were returning to Citta when we were apprehended by guess who ????????????????????? yeah Alf [long arms,short pockets]Shortland and his not so happy bunch of fodder for his bank account ? anyway asked if we hadcaught ?thinking we had been on the beach told him we had the previous day next to the bridge

he assumed we had fished the "cut" side ? so instead of going to the beach he took his "fodder" to the pegs the wrong side of the bridge for them to BLANK[almost] under his asstute leadership

Funny though cos Alfif boy was on his way to prebait the beach ,now how things are changing me thinks ,remember he does'nt need to prebait ,he knows all the swims,no walking ,no hard work?erryeah ok Alf things must be grim ?
We fished the beach ,fish from first to last cast fininshing at 3 ,i know its early but its bloody hard work ,eh neil remember when i told you where to go and try harder than you think ? and we picked the best day of our week lol
We had in excess of 750lb of bream ,now i know its between 4 but when i give you information you will understand why this was a cracking weight ????????????????????????
Friday for an esay day after the beach we went back to the grassy bank of the Voorne ,as its next to Jumbo shopping centre and we could have Dutch Apple Tarts on the bank ooohh so nice.Fished rubbish but went on our usual return tripp to Shamrock for food before getting on the boat .
Now he bad news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The weather iskilling the fishing ,this week N/E wind ,somelads have had no fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!lads comming home from De Koeberg area asked if we had seen ANY bream ,when we told them the said they had tried eveything but got nothing for their efforts .
Worse news,according to Mario and a few of the dutch match lads this wind at this time of the year will put them down till SEPTEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Banker swims producing nothing ,dont take my word for it i'm sure some will post later,we were very fortunate this year ,met Griff again on friday showed them where we had caught along with his merry men ,hope to be going with them next year as they have to change weeks ?
Where we had caught near the bridge a lad cut apeg out and had 80 plus bream from a unfished swim ,brilliant he returned the next day to bag up again and he did........................................................................................nt get a bite !!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????/dont ask me i just dont know but thats how its been ,so the weights we had and fish we had wedid very well ,and its NO ONE'S FAULT just mother nature so dont blame anyone it will be back next year and for those going later [steve m] you'll be ok mate i promise[can you get me in your case] ? no thought not
Oh and on a lighter note Carl might be along later to fill you in on the cat-meat carp of Citta and how he wasted 1 hour 40 mins of his life trying to land a carp he never saw and that snapped his Black Hydro lol or the other 4 out of 5 he never landed,[sorry carl]
Anyway lads another great year for reasons that seem to obvious to overlook ,seeing Griff and his lads ,seeing carl finally fish somewhere but the Voorne ,Paddy for picking us up and bringing us back ,when we could'nt walk [er thats lack of sleep ?]
Roll on April next year so we can do it all overagain but wit a BIG DIFFERENCE ,it will be Cape Helios for us next year ,sorry but it meets out requirements and chris will pick us up still from there and bring us home too and i have his number if anyone wants it,he will pick you all up and bring you back to your chosen accomadation,and no i dont work for him either !
Good luck to those going and to those who have been ,eh there is always next year my friends , there'salways next year
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