Hole in the wall


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Mar 2, 2012
Hi guys, after some information on a venue I have a match on this season all I know is it’s called “hole in the wall canal” the only information I can find is at Barnby dun in Doncaster which is pretty local to us so could be right, have any of you guys any more ideas?

Not Now Kato

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Nov 22, 2020
Plenty of Roach and some good Chub. The hole in the wall is just one section, (at Long Sandal), of the South Yorkshire Navigation Canal which runs from Sprotbrough to Barnby Dunn.

Feeder to the far bank for the Chub, pole down the track for the Roach and whip close in for the Perch seem to work well there, though personally I prefer the stretch onward from Barnby Dunn. The canal does pull a lot, and when the Exol Pride comes through it clouds the water up big style. It's quite wide though so smaller boats cause no problems at all. When it pulls leave the groundbait alone and loose feed maggots very sparingly allowing your float to run through with the flow, holding back occasionally to cause your hookbait to rise and fall will often account for a few.

As to baits, Maggots work well, though take a selection as sometimes red work better, sometimes white, or sometimes disco's. I tend to use bloodworm, (red), groundbait and find this works well. Bread Punch will catch as will hemp, though I find it better to mix this with my groundbait. Worm, with the head nipped off, will always take the Perch and they can be found surprisingly close in - a useful make weight on a tight match. Gudgeon will also come close in too.

HTH Good Luck on your match.