Holdall recommendation..with 2 full length outside pockets?


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Nov 5, 2018
My (very) old Nash holdall needs to be replaced. One reason I've kept using it it because it has 2 full length pockets, plus one half length.

I liked the additional full length pocket because I could put a pole and whips in it, while still having another pocket for brolly, longer back sticks, feeder arm, etc. I *prefer* the pole on the outside so I could take 6 tubes, and 6 rods inside. (I tend to fish venues where I'm not parking by my peg, want to carry seatbox, holdall and carryall, not much more).

I was planning on looking at the 'Big One' show, now thats postponed.

From the online research, it seems the norm is now one pocket, I think because it's more usual to have an additional holdall. Any pointers, suggestions or recommendations? (I've no preference for any brands, colours, etc, just want something that will do the job).