Here we go again.

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Mar 31, 2003
Their 'sabbing' tactics for matches and my ideas for counter acting them-

* Blow a whistle 10-15 minutes before the start of the match is due to begin. Some anglers may start fishing and be disqualified. Blow a whistle again near the end of the match. Some anglers may pack up early.

I cant remeber the last time anyone blew a whisle for the start of a match but as thier blowing them we know where they are.

* Row up and down the river in a canoe or boat to prevent the anglers from casting or make them reel in. Go near to the line / float and disturb the surface of the water with the paddle to scare fish away.

if depth alows use chest waders, wade out and tip them out of the boat, it'll cock your swim up but it'll be a laugh!

* Swimming, wading or splashing your feet in the water (wetsuits, waders, wellies advisable depending on weather conditions!) to stop anglers casting and to scare away the fish. If you can, remove line from water, but be very careful not to break it or damage any other tackle.

Rember to strike at any movement of the float if some longhair is in the way of the hook it's just an accident.

* Standing behind anglers can make casting more difficult and your shadow on the water may scare away the fish, especially when the water is clear and still.

Warn the sab that you are abouts to cast then do so, if they get in the way it's thier own fault.

* Use poles, (e.g., long bamboo canes), to disturb the float and/or line. Try to lift the float and/or line out of the water, but again be careful not to break the line or damage the float.

Use cupping kits to pour maggots or even better cat meat over any idiot doing this.

* Use high powered water pistols aimed at the anglers float/line to encourage him/her to remove the tackle from the water.

Use high powered catpults to fire maggots or again cat meat at any idiot doing this.

But really the best thing to do is just to ring the police.


Feb 6, 2003
Ive just been on the bit where it shows you step by step how to get angling banned on the local council owned water. The anti's say take photos of anglers using keepnets!
But these antis have thought of everything they've given unexperienced antis some good storys for when confonted because fishermen are 'sensitive'. So if anyone(especially with 5foot long scraggy hair eating soy something) says the following after taking photos of you fishing I suggest you take some action.
"I've just bought a camera and am trying it out",
"I'm a free lance photographer and sell pics to Angling Times",
"I'm trying to master the art of dealing with water reflection".
Poor bloke who actually has just bought a new camera.



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Aug 11, 2001
Trouble is the more people (anglers) visit that type of site the more they use those figures against us (the angler) and say how popular the support is for them.

It's a vicious circle.[:(]

But when anyone does come into contact with anti's whilst on the bank always remember to keep your cool and not to rise to the bait as that just plays into their hands and puts the angler in as bad a light as the anti really is.



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Dec 11, 2002
Not more anti stuff, havent they got anything better to do?

Tight Lines,



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Apr 25, 2003
as a seventeen stone skinhead with tattoos speling out my disliking for most other lifeforms (longhaired vegey hippies included) i dont seem to get any hassel which is a shame cause after 11 hours blanking i could do with a chat about my cruel sport!!!!!!!!

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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