henley club match.

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Dec 31, 2001
today i fished a club match at a new lake near me. it was rather cold and blowing a freezing easterly gale from left to right infront of me. i started on the pole and fed a cup of chopped worm and a pellet line. i fished over these lines for over an hour before i had a bite, which snapped me. i then continued for another couple of hours biteless, until i could hold the pole no more in the wind and had to change to a maggot feeder. this produced on decent bite and no fish, and within 30mins i was back on the pole. about 35mins from the end i had a bream of just under 3lb on the worm line with double maggot. lucky it wasnt a carp because the line was wrapped around my bush and i had to play the fish off the tip until i got it close enough to unhook the line. it didnt exactly fight hard even for a bream. i proceeded with no bites until the final 10 mins when i hooked into another decent fish which pulled out a lot of elastic and then pulled out..doh! i ended with one fish and 2lb 13oz, finishing 8th overall, not bad for an adult match i thought. if i had of landed the two fish i lost i would have came first second or third as well!

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