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Jul 28, 2005
Hi, ive jost been informed my dad has set me up to go for a 72hr session and i dont have a bivvy or a clue how to night fish, could people please leave comments on which bivvys and rod pods for a budget angler are the best

many thanks,

big stoo

Jan 15, 2007
dragon carp has very cheap, i've got opne of their bivvys, don't get their rod pods or bait runners though, cheap tat, their rods aren't to bad though. instead of a pod seperate banksticks do the job well enough. the main advice i would give you is take a good torch and plenty of spare battries


Calamity Lin
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Apr 21, 2004
Fish the same tactics as if you're fishing a day session but don't ignore the margins!

To ensure accurate recasting in the dark, what I do when I'm doing a night session is after the first golden hour where I check to see if there's fish already in the swim, - you don't want to spod bomb them out is I cast out a marker float to try to find a clear gravel area which is shallower that the surrounding area when I am happy of my location I make sure I have an oppersite bank marker (a tree, bush or other distinguishing feature that you can make out in the darkness) and then I cast out a spod to land near my marker float and clip that up prior to spodding out a carpet of bait.

When I bring my spod in, I put the butt of the rod near one of my bivvy pegs and then walk off the line along the bank until I feel the tension of the line hit the clip. At that point I place a marker on the ground crossed sticks or a few stones so I will recognise the point again and then take my carp rod and doing exactly the same and getting my end rig at my marker on the ground go back to the rod and place the carp rod line in the clip as before.

Once the marker float is brought in, this planning allows me to cast out to the same spot then to unclip the line safe in the knowledge that if I need to cast out in the darkness, after walking off the line to my bank marker (crossed sticks or pebbles) and clipping up again I can cast to the exact same place as I had previously baited. Unclipping the line will save my line breaking if I get a big fish take the bait.

Hope it makes sense. -Don't be tempted to use a bank stick as your ground marker as the first session I did that some dear soul brought it back to me thinking I'd lost it!

Also, make sure you take time to get to know where you're fishing - it's surprising how different things look in the dark and that extra piece of ground soon disappears only to be replaced by water! - I also buy bulk star-lites (for use on floats) and sometime use these to help identify potential danger spots so I can avoid them in the dark.

Make sure to take with you a headtorch (with spare batteries), extra layers of clothing and a decent sleeping bag -preferably one that opens out so you can sit with this wrapped round you whilst watching your rods. - Don't under-estimate how cold it can get.

Hope it helps!
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Armchair Carper
Feb 17, 2006
Mermaid speaks the truth.....

You'll hear more than you will see and things do go dump in the night along with fox howling, owls and 4 legged little fluffy things running about....but don't worry the midn plays tricks......night night sweet dreams and enjoy.

Night fishing'll have a blast. but keep an eye on that margin rod
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