HELP on fishing up in the water on pole for carp

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Sep 22, 2009
hi all...

i am looking for some help at fishing up in the water on banded pellet for carp on the pole. i tried it the other day and had a couple of fish but couldnt get it to perfection...
how often should i be feeding pellets over the top of my float....
how deep should i be fishing....
any other useful tips welcome....

i seemed to be missing loads of bites too. would thid be little silvers messing with my bait.

thanks jamie....[:H]

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
I'm no expert but one thing is to have a very short amount of line between float and pole.

As for depth, I think you have to experiment and find what they want on the day. But I would start at 18 inch and go to 12 or 24 to get bites.

Amount of feed can be important. Feed say 12-24 pellets and you will push the fish down, feed 3-5 and they will come up to compete for the food.
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Apr 17, 2007
Getting the right balance between bait size and hook is important. I've seen a lot of people using a size 14 with a 6mm hard pellet on a long hair, when an 18 or 20 with the pellet hanging close to the bend of the hook seems far more effective to me, often fish will self hook. If you make sure that you keep the line free of slack between the pole tip and the float, often you'll have hooked the fish the instant the float dips.


Jan 13, 2010
i know a lot of anglers tie a band onto a hair having it around 3mm from the hook bend. i prefer to put my band directly on the hook,i dont lose many fish or bands on this method!

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Nick Palmer
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Sep 14, 2004
apsy2, When filming the video footage that is on my website at Roy Marlow's Glebe fishery (Mallory Park Fisheries) we found time and time again that we were getting snatches at the bait and not hooking. We tried to analyse and found that the hook was twisting sideways with the band on the shank and laying flat to the pellet.
I tied Ben another hook with a band on the hair and every take after that we hooked the fish. As Looney says keep your line as tight as possible and Neil ofthe nene's comment is good as well i.e. feed light and often and even leave a gap now and then to get them searching around and find only you hook bait left!

jimmyboy, one tip is that I use the Nisa feeders connectadjust instead of normal Stonfo type connectors for your rig. The reason is that you can wind as much as 10/12ft of line onto these with makes changing from say 8inches deep to a couple of feet or more to find what depth you need to fish simple. You just take the cap off and unwind some more line the lengthen or shorten.
These type of fishing does not need delicate rigs so these are absolutely ideal for shallow fishing.

I got heavily criticised on a forum for talking about the attributes of our new 'Twister' pole rig 'Hook Ups' and the Mk2 Clever Claw for pole fishing without also offering some useful fishing tips. Well I am not the best fisherman in the world so tend to feel that others can offer more useful info. Anyway jimmyboy I hope my input has been of interest and some use.



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Jan 10, 2007
I fish up in the water during the summer months and thought I was quite good at it until I watched John Whincup and Martin Freeman at Decoy,

The feeding is the key,, they feed a small amount every few seconds and don't stop until the end of the match,

When they hook a fish they steer the fish away from the swim, then feed, they bring the fish a bit closer and feed, they then have the fish under their feet and feed,

Whilst unhooking the fish they'll feed again and this goes on for the full 6 hours of the match,

The rigs are simple, a Preston PB2 Carp 4x10, 0.13 line, PR36 hook size 16 with a hair rigged band,

Whinnie fished up in the water Yesterday and won the match easily with 145lb,

As for depth, I have identical rigs made up using the above but different depths, 12inches, 18inches, 24inches and 36inches,

Sometimes when the fish stop having it they haven't moved away, they've dropped down in the water a bit and putting a deeper rig on gets You back in contact with them,
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