Help needed in Somerset


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May 9, 2008
My daughter currently lives in Spain, but would like to return to UK. She needs a long term rental to move to and has located several online, but can't just nip over to view them and most agencies won't progress an application without a viewing.
She has found a house she is very keen on, just north of Taunton in Somerset, and I am wondering if anyone who lives in the area could offer their services to view the house on her behalf. She is not looking for a point by point review, although your opinion would be valued, but really just someone to meet the agent at the property and go for a walk round, nodding your head every now and again. She will,of course, be happy to pay for your time and effort. This is pretty urgent as these houses don't hang around long.
If you would like to contact me by PM in the first instance, we can discuss it in more detail.
Many thanks