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Mar 10, 2019
^^^ I'm in Buckland, Gloucestershire, just south of Broadway. I've been eyeing the Avon at Wasperton and Bidford, both within 40 minutes. Not sure how productive Wasperton is for hardcore anglers, but it's a lovely spot and I'm not bothered about quantity. I know there are dozens more places, but I thought it best to keep it simple and stick to a few for the first year or so and get to know those, along with my gear, bait, tactics and so on.

I must look up the Burford club for fly fishing - I got the impression (probably from the Orvis shop in Burford - EDIT: which is odd because I just noticed they sell day tickets for Burford AC waters) that the better spots on the Windrush were 'taken' by some very expensive clubs, the membership of which I'm not prepared to pay. Thanks for the suggestion.
The burford and chalbury clubs have quite affordable trout and coarse fishing on the windrush and evenlode and I think they are odaa affiliated so open up a lot of very good stretches of the Thames as well. Think the coln is the probably the best trout river in the Cotswolds but I expect it's quite expensive. I've only fished the Avon around Stratford but it's certainly a good river as well.