Heavy Hybrid Elastic


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Aug 24, 2010
Hi guys.

Today was my first day back on the bank after 18 months, and I fished my local Angel Of The North.

After a quiet start I ended up with a good day spending the last 2 hours or so fishing the margins.

Anyone who has fished here will know the carp tend to fight a bit, so I'd decided to up my elastic strength. When I first started fishing at the AON I very quickly found my old adage of fishing light didn't work.

I decided to try some NG Ultra Core (equivalent to Slik etc) in a 16-18, as I remembered using a 14-16 hollow in 2020 still resulted in hook pulls when the fish tore off, and the elastic bottomed out.

Now this may just be super naive and the elastic is just 'that' powerful, but I was surprised how little elastic came out of the top kit today. In fact I didn't really have the chance to use a puller.

The elastic came out about the length of the top kit, powering up but then thst was it. Now as this is the heaviest elastic I've ever used, maybe this was par for the course - however I was catching carp averaging 4lbs with one of 9 and another c. 12 - they still took time to land but I felt the elastic had stretched as far as possible.

As a comparison, I tried a kit with some brand new daiwa hybridlastic 20-14) and this stretched for miles, allowing me to get down to the top kit and strip the elastic a few times.

Clearly, it was both lighter and visibly thinner than the NG product.

Whilst some people hate elastic stretching too much, I like being able to ship back and break down to the top kit.

Typically I couldn't do a full comparison, as the fish I caught on the 10-14 were 'only' 2-4lbs.

So, apologies for my long post.

My gist is, this is not a bash of Nicks product.

I'm just wondering does it sound like this elastic is 'too heavy' for my application, or does hybrid in thicker diameters not stretch as much as a conventional hollow?


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Feb 25, 2020
I used to use the ng 12-14 and remember it being very stretchy. Personally I couldn’t get on with any modern elastic and reverted back to preston original slip in a 12 or 14 for margins. Handled fish absolutely fine in the 6-14lb range and use on a pulla bung to stop me landing on a top 5


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Jan 8, 2008
I find NG 12-14 yellow zero bore very strong it isn’t very forgiving and I lost a few fish on Wednesday in a match .. since stripped it out and ordered some Hollow