Heaton Park,Manchester - 19th August 2010

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Jul 27, 2009
Concidering I've lived within 1 mile of this boating lake for 22 years this is only the second time I've fished it.The first time was probably about 18 years ago when I blanked on that occasion,pretty new to fishing back then.Since those days it has been widely rumoured that the lake a dirty neglected venue with barely any fish in it.

I walk my dog around there every day and over this summer I have noticed the amount of anglers has increased during the day.Having said that,I never saw any of them catch anything.However,on Tuesday I was sat briefly with a bloke who is a member of my local club.We spent half an hour chatting and in that time I observed what he was doing and he was catching a fish almost every chuck Nothing of any great size,just your usual Perch to 6oz and Roach to around 8oz,but it proved to me that it had plenty of fish in there.After 30 minutes I left him in peace and continued my walk home..........and determined I was going to fish the place this week.

So this lunchtime,armed with red maggot and caster me and my daughter Jodie set up in the same spot as the lad on Tuesday,and we employed exactly the same tactics.As usual when I go fishing with the kids I set her pole up first and plumbed up.At a depth of about 4ft we baited up a size 18 hook with 2 maggots.In the meantime I mixed up some groundbait/caster mix and fed the swim with several handfulls.But while I was assembling my tackle Jodie had a fish on Perch of around 4oz...............then another slightly smaller So in hope of avoiding the smaller fish she put 3 maggots on.............. yes you've guessed it,a Perch not much bigger than my thumb took it within a minute.But the best thing was,this fish already had two maggots in its mouth...greedy sod!!!

So in first half hour it was Jodie 3 me 0 By the time I'd got myself organised she'd had 7 fish.At about 2pm she was getting tired,I knew she'd been a bit unwell lately so I said she could go home.By this time she had 12 fish and I had just 4,all of them Perch.

By 2.30pm I had increased the catch rate and began also catching small Roach.For the next two hours I was catching regulars and the weather became more overcast.With this,it seemed like I was catching more Roach and of a reasonable size,probably due to the fact I'd started using 4 maggots which seemed to work,although still getting troubled by the Perch,albeit bigger ones.Then about 4pm I got a small Bream (about 1.5lbs so I was pleased with that.Soon after,it clouded over and began to rain.Time to call it a day.

Only my second session this year but you can bet I'll be back there this weekend.

Heaton Park has another stocked pond which is situated in the middle of the park's golf course.The pond,known locally as "the gollies" is well stocked and very popular,although space on the back is limited due to trees and steep banking.But I've heard from my club today that they plan to drain this pond at the end of September 2010.The reason being,apparently,is because over recently years many people have been struck by golf balls whilst fishing(with some fatalities ).The fish are to be relocated into the lake or other local waters.I have my own opinions as to why the pond is being closed and I hope those responsible don't ruin the fishing on the boating lake for the rest of us.
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