Heat - way too much heat

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Jan 19, 2002
As I write this the local time is 7pm and the temperature is slightly over 37. Any fishing I do for the time being will be either at night or starting as the sun comes up and off the lake by 10am. With the humidity at around 55% right now, the Heat Index (how the body reacts to the conditions) is as if the temperature was over 43 and they are advising the older folk and any with illnesses to stay inside if at all possible. Hopefully inside where there is air conditioning.

Trev - don't know if you remember when we were discussing your trip but you did ask about May or July for the visit. Now you get an idea why I suggested May. LOL

Surface water temperature is hovering at around 32 during the day and not much cooler at night. Fish are mostly either staying deep where it is cooler or very inactive - similar to the way they are when it is cold.

Is there any way we could work a trade of some sort? We could ship you folks some of the heat and sunshine in return for some rain, clouds, and cooler weather.

To give you a feel for how long it has been like this, the main river that feeds the lake where Trev & I fished averages 1500 cubic feet per second water flow at this time of year. I just checked and it stand at 200 ft/sec as of this morning. Water in the upper of the 4 lakes on this chain (all dammed so there is flow control) has been drawn down 31 feet below full to keep water in the other lakes and some flowing out into the river below the lakes. It's a large lake and fairly deep but I'm not sure how much more it can tolerate.

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