Head Fen Fishery


Feb 11, 2021
Had a great day at Head fen Fishery near Ely yesterday. Had some new tackle that I couldn't wait to try:
  • Preston Edge Monster Pole
  • Daiwa Ninja 12ft Feeder rod
I struggled to start with couldn't buy a bite on the 10m line fishing a few baits over the top of some fishmeal Groundbait, so decided to change tactics.

I have been feeding two edge line for a while but did not see any activity so decided to put a method feeder out to the lake's island,
I fished Daiwa Ninja 12ft rod with a Daiwa Ninja 2508 feeder reel loaded with 6lb Korum Feeder line.

2 casts in and the tip hooked round and a nice 8lb common was my reward.

My fishing partner is new to fishing, (5th trip out under my very average instruction).
She was fishing an edge line which was about 4ft deep and had been fed with groundbait and sweetcorn.

After an hour with no activity the float dipped and when she struck the 18 elastic zoomed out and it was obvious quite quickly that she had a hooked into a decent fish.
After a good 5 min fight which she handled really well, her prize was an 11lb common in great condition. (i believe the lack of match fishing at this venue has helped this venue)

Her first double she was suitably chuffed (see photo)

Next bite on the Feeder rod was just as big but when I struck into it, there wasn't the big fight I expected, It wasn't until I got it near the bank did I feel it had a bit of weight to it, result was a lovely 5.5lb bream.

the feeder line then went a bit quiet so I decided to try the edge line and was rewarded within a few minutes to a lovely 12lb carp which tested the edge monster and it's 18 hollo elastic, both handled the job very well.

there were plenty of other carp taken that day all between 6lb and 9lb and another bream that weighed in at 4.5lb.

We took a few baits with us, Curry flavoured Luncheon Meat, Various expander pellets, but today the only bait we could get a bite on was the old faithful Sweetcorn.


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