Hayes AC (west Bromwich) Bellsmill fishery 26/07/20


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Jul 29, 2008
Overcast with sunny periods , thankfully the rain forecast for today, held off, Carp, skimmers, roach, barbel were the main catches.
10 fished

1st Martin Harris 61lb 2oz peg 5 (perm peg 12) pole margins carp,and silvers maggot
2nd Graham Coombes 49lb 9oz peg 2 (perm peg 4) pole margins Carp and silvers
3rd Mark Skinner peg 3 46lb 9oz (6) Waggler / pole pellet /maggot carp /silvers
4th Tony "Tunna" Jukes 42lb 2oz peg 6 (14) top 3 /margin meat / maggots
5th Barry Lang 41lb 9oz peg 10 pole margin
6th Howard Lang 39lb 7oz peg 7 pole / feeder
7th Nigel Garmston 36lb 10oz pole / corn margin
8th Tom Martin 35lb 8oz peg 8 pole margin maggot
9th Andy Wright 25lb 1oz peg 9 pole meat/pellet
10th Sam Pincher 22lb 8oz peg 1 feeder / pole

next match Solhampton Duck pool 9th August