Hayes AC Solhampton Kingfisher pegs 16-32 06/09/20


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Jul 29, 2008
Nice warm day overcast at times, hard for most of us ( as usual)

12 fished today on the back half of the pool perm pegs 16-32, and another fine runaway win for one of our new members Luke well done mate. After the top 2 it was close all round

1st Luke Williams 71lb 11oz peg 7 (Perm Peg 25) pole paste against reed bed
2nd Mark Skinner 42lb 10oz peg 6 (24) Pole / Pellet other side of reed bed.
3rd Tony " Tunna" Jukes 28lb 14oz peg 4 (20) pole top 3/4 pellet
4th Barry Lang 28lb 10oz peg 11 (30) pole paste / corn
5th Sam Pincher 25lb 8oz peg 1 (16) pole maggot
6th Martin Harris 25lb 6oz peg 9 (27) Pole maggot /pellet
7th Tom Martin 22lb 7oz peg 11 (29) pole margin
8th Howard Lang 22lb 6oz peg 8 (26) Pole margin
9th Andy Wright 21lb 10oz peg 12 (31) pole pellet
10th Graham Coombes 20lb 1 oz peg 2 (17) pole maggot

2 caught but tipped back N.Garmston, and Jason Potter

next match Haye Farm Dexters Pool 20/09/20