Have you got all the tackle you need?


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Jul 4, 2019
This is where fly fishing actually ends up cheaper. Once I've bought my club memberships and maybe £20 of flies to top up the box, I don't have to pay to fish again. Last time I went out Tench fishing I paid about £5 in worms and a tin of corn. It adds up quick and suddenly you've spent a lot. Especially with some groundbait at £7-8 a bag as well.
Got a wormery in my garden that my dad looks after. It's useful for the odd Chubbing session but he's not so keen on me taking a kilo out for a weeks Bream fishing for both of us. 😁 I've been buying groundbait in bulk recently and ended up with plastic boxes in my garage full of it, can pay £10 for a storage box.


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Aug 15, 2008
My wife and my daughter usually buy a fishing voucher for me from my local tackleshop every Christmas but for the last couple of years I just couldn’t think of a single thing that I needed as far as tackle was concerned, Ive probably got more rods and reels than my local tackleshop has; so I just had to spend my money on things like some new line and some bait and things like that.

In the past I’ve always bought new tackle and had tackle bought for me at times like Xmas and on my birthdays however I’ve got everything I’m ever likely to need now (until something needs replacing).