Hartleylands Charity Match - 27th August 2003

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Vince G

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Aug 5, 2003
Unfortunately only 13 turned up, 29 were booked in, a whole match group failed to materialise [:(!], still i'll know for next time.

The match was fished on Nicks Lake, pegging being generous with 2 empty pegs between each angler. Things started well enough for me, I drew fancied peg 37 [:D][:D] with the wind blowing in to my face and started catching from the whistle. Unfortunately me for me after an hour the wind died and i was faced with flat calm water and very finnicky bites.

On the opposite end of my bank on peg 27 Billy Mitchell was in to Carp from the start and was catching every put in using corn he had frozen and defrosted making it very soft. He was fishing at 5 metres to hand and caught steadily all morning. All around the lake fish were being caught although not in the numbers expected, maybe the preasure on the lake over the bank holiday had put them off a bit.

As the day wore on it looked as though it was going to be a tight match between 3 or 4 pegs, Billy, Chris Pope, Mark Sutton and Roger Kiddie, by now I was struggling to catch anything.

At the whistle the scales started at Billy and he recorded a respectable 26lbs moving round and soon it was my turn to weigh in, 14lbs 6ozs not good enough. Reaching Roger Kiddie everyone was looking for a big bag but like me Roger suffered when the wind dropped and weighed in 19lbs 4ozs. Mark Sutton also suffered when the wind dropped and recorded 19lbs. When Chris Pope lifted his net from the water we knew it was going to be close. the scales went round and settled at 27lbs 4ozs for the match win.

Despite the lake not fishing as well as it can everyone enjoyed the day and 70 was raised for the BDAA. Thanks to all those who made the effort to turn up and help raise money for such a worthy cause.

Like an idiot I forgot my camera [:I] so no pics this time, I really must get better organised.

1st Chris Pope ( Tenterden AC) 27-4-0
2nd Billy Mitchell (Cranbrook AC) 26-0-0
3rd Roger Kiddie (Kingfisher) 19-4-0
4th Mark Sutton (Tenterden AC) 19-0-0




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Sep 18, 2001
Nice report Vince,
Congratulations to the 13 anglers that turned up.[:)]
Shame on the 16 that didn't show.[:(][:I]

Now write out 100 times......
" I will take my camera with me."[:D]


Make Friends,
Go Maggotdrowning.


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Apr 23, 2002
Hi Vince, a realy good report and a well-done for raising 70.00 for the BDAA.
Look forward to seeing you on the BDAA final at Woodlands View Sept 11th
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