Hartleton Fish in update for 2008

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Feb 28, 2004
Musky ,Ken and myself fished Hartleton today and had a good look at the lake from a size and space available viewpoint.
Ive now been able to re-open it for more people.
It was a boiling hot day and it fished poorly but we all managed a good few pound of skimmers.
We went for a walk to the shallow end of the lake during the afternoon and were amazed at how many slabs were in the shallows.
Ken and myself measured up a shoal that was at least 25 yards wide and 50 yards long.
Its the biggest bream shoal Ive ever seen in my life and we believe that they were going right across the lake beyond our vision which would have made it twice the size of our original estimate.
I knew there were good bream in there but I had no idea as to that many. It was a huge shoal.
This photo is the best I could do. The water is very shallow and the colour is down purely to the amount of bream feeding there.
If you can make out black shadows on the picture (mostly lost on resizing)those are all slabs.
Have a read of the details on the original fish in post and if you wish to come along then please get your name down provisionally asap.
The 2 photos are the first as Ive already described and the second one with the sunken boat is my swim from today showing the lake from another angle than the website photos.
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