Hard day...ft annoying kids


Nov 6, 2019
Just got back from Partridge pleasure fishing, got there for 7am, 2 Degrees, I knew there was only the Ribbon Lake available to fish which I knew in advance as there was club matches, open matches and winter league, so couldn't fish on my favourite, Willow.

Anyhow.. Set up on the pole, 3 quarters of way out bottom of the shelf as it was freezing I knew the fish would be on the deck.

Kept it simple, only fished that, started off with just a few micros and 4mms and didn't feed anymore for about 10 minutes as I was first on.

Took about half an hour but caught an F1 on Maggot, 2nd bite caught another F1 5 minutes later. Both about a pound.

As there were only 2 lakes available it started filling up about 9 o clockish, well about 6 other anglers, then 2 kids, who pissed me off all day. I'll talk about them in a minute.

An hour or so passes, literally one bite, knowing it's not me as no one else was catching either, so wasn't too concerned, just freezing my ******** off.

Obviously tried a few different lines including method, zilch.

Before I know it it's 2 o clock and still no one, including myself has caught any more fish, the other anglers seemed to be keen match anglers too.

Anyway back to the kids.. at Partridge it's strictly no under 16s without parents, now if you're mature enough or keep yourself to yourself it's fine, but these 2 kids just kept peg hopping, throwing the method (with no method mix or micros on the feeder) all over the place including one right next to my float ( 2 minutes after I gave them a couple of slices of bread!) and literally didn't leave the bait in for any longer than 20 seconds while shouting to each other the whole time.

Some chap few pegs down had about 6 I think all day and that was in the last hour but I struggled for bites all day.

End result was 2 fish, very hard day. But not a bad day.

Tight Lines.



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Aug 8, 2001
Embrace the little cherubs as they are our future :D


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May 31, 2019
Kids can be annoying but they need encouraging and guiding. A bit more difficult on a day when no one is catching as they probably won’t catch even if you give them some pointers.

Lee Richards

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Feb 19, 2019
"throwing the method (with no method mix or micros on the feeder) all over the place including one right next to my float"

The kids need to move over to carp fishing as they show great potential and this is what we do ☺