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May 30, 2002
Gotta say, they were superb, although I must admit I didn't go in there green. A mate from work is a keen angler and has known the owner for many a year, the tackle shop sponsored him when he fished the matches.
I wanted Shimano baitrunners (x2), Sahara reel, 2x specimen rods, 2x quiver rods and a match rod. My mate phoned them up and asked for a price, and cos it was all Shimano, came up with a figure I couldn't better even with the cheapest mail order.
Went down there Friday evening to pick it all up and bought a whole load of other kit as well. Tony the owner was extremely helpful and the layout is fantastic. You can wander around 4 (I think) different rooms where everything is on show, rods (assembled) bedchairs, everything. No need to ask for a packet of hooks from behind the counter, it's all on show.
It's definitely worth a trip if you're in the area, or even worth a special trip down there.
Total cost of tackle spent - 850. RRP would have pushed it well over the 1000 mark, and best mail order would have been up towards 1000 when you throw in P&P.
Top service, top prices and very friendly, helpful and knowledgable too. Perfect. 10/10. jump.gif DJ.gif
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