Hair Rigs for float/waggler fishing


Jul 28, 2020
I tend to have a pretty rigid set up. I set up a float rod and a feeder rod and either fish both or alternate between the two (it in a match etc)

I always use a hair rig on the feeder rod and normal hook length on the float

Question that popped into my head - does anyone use hair rigs for float or waggler fishing/what are the benefits? I’d be nervous of foul hooking unless laying on and even then with liners


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Jul 11, 2018
Before I started fishing on commercials I thought you had to hair-rig every bait. However I'm convinced now unless you get the length spot on you're better with hooks in baits like corn, meat, and all soft baits. I've been experimenting with hair rigs recently, and found for my carp the bait has to touch the bend of the hook. Twenty turns brings the bait to the end of a 16.s 14s hook and is dead inline. I never got into such details with my normal big carp fishing before and caught well enough. I normally use a pellet band and pull bait though so most don't need a stop of any kind. I don't think it makes any difference if you're on the float or ledger, thats just my opinion however.