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May 18, 2020
Held one in my hands in the tackle shop. Seemed quite heavy. Not that weight is so important to me when feeder fishing, but thought I felt a clear difference with my Centris reels. Looked for the weight on the net, but weights differ from 350 to 460 grams on the sites I checked.


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Aug 18, 2005
Going back to 2007 when I joined Shakespeare they bought out the new red Mach 3 XT range of reels. These lasted me years, 8 bearings 3 spare spools and I abused the hell out of them. The line clip wasn't brilliant and the line lay wasn't perfect but they stood up to a lot of abuse. Price about £45. I took John Walker on the Wye and when he had a go of my rod he commented that the reel felt almost as good as his TDM/R which at the time was around £100.

The Stradics which I used prior to getting the Mach 3's cost about the same price and these and the TDM or R, (I can't remember which one it was), were regarded as the best reels on the market at the time.

Roll on 14 years with a 2.8% P/A rise in inflation and I have to ask how did we get to where we are now with reel prices, with what seems to be almost a 200% price increase for the equivalent Daiwa reel. I have two TDM 3012 QDA's unused as I prefer my Cadence CS10's, I think they'll be going on ebay as soon as there's another offer on the CS10's.
My original mach 3 (gold spools) bought circa 2005/6 gave up last week. Even then the internals and drag were absolutely great, i slipped and clean snapped the handle off. Still hoping to find a spare. Anyone wanting a modern day bargain, id highly recommend the seaknight reels. Got 2 now, one having been used for light to medium lure work over summer for pike and chub. It hasnt missed a beat. I really dont see the need of spending more than £50 on a match type reel. Big pit, long casting reels fair enough but my old mach 3 managed the best part of 15 years of lure and all kinda of feeder work magnificently for about £35.

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Jun 24, 2011
Korda/Guru have had tie ins with Daiwa for ages. I'll be very surprised if these reels aren't made by Daiwa. From what little can be seen in the OP's pics, they look like Daiwa reels. Interesting that they've gone back to the one touch folding handle that Daiwa themselves have largely abandoned in their top end reels.
The Tournament reel is a one touch folding handle