Private Sale Guru PVA System and Optonic Bite alarms


space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
2no guru speedmesh PVA systems , one is unused and comes with the full length of mesh, the other has been used to tie about 10-15 small bags, comes with instructions and a length of Gardner PVA string

£7.50 plus post

2no Efgeeco Delareed super compact bite alarms both come in original boxes, and come with up market opti U mount bolts plus the original plastic ones, both tested and working well, they are the rarer models that have adjustment dials on the front for both tone and volume, both have Green LED on light and Red LED run lights, both can be tuned by way of the dials to sound different, there is one pair of drop over snag ears in one of the boxes

(somewhere I have some other spares for them, vanes, rollers and more opti bolt fittings and snag ears but at this moment they still remain in the depths of the undiscovered boxes and drawers, these will be offered to the buyer once found)

£50.00 plus post md sales 005.JPG