Guru NGauge Feeder Rods


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May 17, 2018
The N Gauge are dedicated commercial rods up to 11ft, mine has handled carp up to double figures with ease, don't go chucking mad distances either.
Personally I wouldn't chuck anything heavier than 30-35gm 30 and a bit yards, they produce a power range for bigger chucks.
They are not soft...they are forgiving and that's the difference, when a carp lunges under your feet they will cushion it correctly, not lock up like cheaper blanks will.
I have 2 10ft Excellence Pro rods which are superb but seriously thinking of unloading them for the Guru.


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Jul 4, 2019
I have two rods with Andy Bennett's name to them. He seems to like the forgiving action if these two are anything to go by.

I'm lucky I don't fish for summer commercial Carp as they run me ragged and take forever to get in.

Fair play if you use the rods and like it. I like it for winter Carp or would use it for summer F1s/small Carp.