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Apr 13, 2009
Un able to find the right Avon 11' type of rod I bought a GREYS PRODIGY TX 11/ Specimen 1 pound TC, I had to have a an eleven foot two piece, powerfull, light but sensitive all round sort of rod, somthing with a line rating of 4-10 lbs, well this little GREYS does the lot, Fishing the margins with paste, 8lb line and a tiny waggler I had 12 carp to 14lb, and the rod was great it realy works the fish very well, next was a heavy feeder at 60 yds, no problem for the rod at all the tip showed btes from small carp of a pound ish I set the rod rest aprox half way down the rod, even with half an oz of lead I could get enough bend to show a drop back bite, although only a pound test curve the RODS tc would be quite high as mid double carp do not stress the rod at all there is loads left in the rod. the rods main use is close work with a pin I can get four fingers of line easy the line guides are perfect for my use and the quality is very very good for the money, a very very good buy for the dosh, rgds ANT.