Gorsty Hall...not.... Drumble@Cudmore

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Stu Dav

May 30, 2002
To any Pellet and Paste boys

We had planned a practice session on Gorsty, to see if the above still worked. Dissaster :(

picked my mate up at 5:30 Sunday morning (well ok 5:40 a bit late)
Got to Gorstey at 6:25 after trying to get some fags. nowt open D'OH
My mate ran for the "green hut" to squeeze his head,and I weighed up the pegs or should I say peg ! It was chocker block at 6:30 with most allready fishin. Plan 'A' out ov the window :(

There was a match booked on nearley three sides of the pond with no two pegs together, we like to talk to each other not shout across three or four anglers .
Any way with the primary bait pellet and paste(loads of it bosh bosh bosh) we were stuffed for Border coz you can't use it.
It tuck about 6 seconds for us both to say CUDMOORE sod the practice!

Of we go, first stop Keele services FAGS I'm happy.And no I'm not on the other bus before you start thinking , shame on you.

Gets to Cudmoore 6:50. Fippin eck(not my exact words) its match city man.
It was wall to wall team this team the other with the odd Cedric and
hundreds of others allready hard at it. It was packed but there was still loads of room.
I opted for Drumble as I'd fished it before and had some good days in the past,and it was match booked on the Canals and Tara(and its a short walk)which I like,after all I am an athelete NOT titter.
Before we even got to our pegs I was gettin the usual "it ad betta be gud or else" routine and the rest of the Craic.
We paid our money first coz thats what it said on the BIG rule
board,even though a few took to ignore it ! We got to our pegs together at the far end of the lake behind the island,so far so good.
In we go at 8m, seven foot deep, don't fall in ! Two pots of pellet first,a bit much but if them carp are avinit that can be gone before any hit the bottom. Now my mate is a good en on the soft pellet and
hooked a dog within minuites and hook pulled out.
Then nowt for ages,me aswell.
Out with the feeder rod and my backup bait 6 pints of red juicey wrigglers,Out to the Island 35 yards or should I say metres,clip up and first chuck ,peck peck for a while,then bosh Chub about 1lb.
A bit slow , so of with the clip and give it another yard(about a yard an arf away from the island (pretty close)back on with the clip,Wallopp carp 4lb first chuck, I thought yes that'ell do then Chub Chub Chub for an hour,then it dies just dies so I thought dig your heels in the Carp av come back get ready.Am I waffling.
Nothin 15 minuites in between filling my big Drennan maggot feeder with mags every 2 mins woosh plop woosh plop,the odd twitch and pull on the tip, but missin em, argh!"$&&
Right thats it gotta get closer that island, another yard on and clip back on feeder full of mags woosh plop Wham no mistaking that bite,Chub Chub Chub again every time going in with a feeder full of maggots,
Bite a chuck for an hour or so with a fish within seconds ,best tally 7 chucks 7 fish.
20`s carbon barbless 2lb hook length and 4lb main(they can't go so
far with that island there and a soft Drennan Carp Feeder rod and
2oz tip they were rippin it round.
Then the Tench moved in upto 4lb.
Put a bigger hook on after missin a few bites and a bigger hook length 3lb.
Then very small carp and Skimmers in between the Chub still a bite chuck.
Anyway get the picture not big carp really,but loads and loads of chub that just wallopp that tip round with a few Park bench upto 4lb
and big skimmers to boot.
Proper fishin.
could waffle on more but gotta go.Birds on me case.
Ended up with easy 60lb could exagerate at 70lb but Iwon't.
O yeh that rain ,did it rain,anybody else out init
Give it a wirl I'll be back.

Stu Dav

weres all the carp ?????!!!!


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Aug 11, 2001
Sounds like a good day at Mudymore or is it Moneymore now the prices have gone up.

Well done must admit it's nice to get something other than carp now and again.

Fish with Friends @ MaggotDrowning.com and take s from Dirk


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Oct 5, 2001
Sounds like a big bag,
thanks for the spaces!
Where do I buy the dialect translation to English lol
Seriously, good stuff, different!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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