Good Midlands Fishing Club - Help!

The Big Fella

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Jan 11, 2007
Hi all

We are a group of 3-4 anglers who all live in Leicestershire area.

I am looking for a friendly angling club for next season that has club matches on maybe their own club waters but also on other commercials during the season etc.

Club matches approx once a month would be great and the venues travelled to need to be mainly within a maximum of about a 100 mile trip from leicestershire we dont want to be going to far afield.

The kind of thing I had in my own mind is something where there are individual matches, and maybe during the season the results count towards an overall etc?

I used to do similar years ago for a working mens club and it was a good craic and laugh and they had a social do at the end of the year.

Sorry but we are not into team matches only at all.

Please could you PM me any info or web sites to look at please

Lastly if you do not have a club water thats not a necessity, its more a group of club anglers fishing a series of matches etc...
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