Good kit I’ve used this year

Paul Cresswell

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Jun 14, 2006
Here’s the stuff I’ve used this year I really rate, some new stuff and some new to me stuff.

Guru pole holdall - great quality well thought out piece of kit
Guru pingers - these floats just work perfectly
Preston Gpm-b hooks - after 8 years of Drennan wide gape pellet finally changed, so sharp!
Preston 7ft Wandzee - was sceptical but excellent action rod for short chucks so easy to transport and set up in seconds
Matrix keepnet bar - excellent design
Box trays -, now super organised my deep matrix drawer
Middy 1-5 microbore elastic - brilliant for silvers
Preston ICS system - bloody brilliant, method, bomb, maggot feeder, pellet feeder, feeder.
Matrix horizon Xs 3.3m - the perfect action silvers feeder rod
Just perfect seats - super comfy stylish new seat for my box
Top kit markers - stick on 1-4ft off ebay (seller markapw)

what about you?


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Mar 9, 2019
Browning Sphere Bomb rod
Preston ICS cage feeder, method feeder
Preston ONbox seatbox and accessories (discontinued line)
Shimano Speedmaster 10ft feeder (method)
Drennan method feeders 15g and bigger
Browning Sphere 11ft feeder
Preston Supera SL 11ft feeder (silvers)


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Jun 2, 2012
These. Cast like a dream. Nice and quiet as they hit the surface and certainly caught me plenty more fish this summer than previous years.

Best Pellet waggler float I've come across in a long while (weather conditions considered). I use the 4.4g



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Nov 30, 2015
Mitchell 314
Hardy Altex
Allcocks Popular 3.5"

Sharpes 9'3"
Sealey Floatcaster DeLuxe 12'
Allcocks Wizard

Shakespeare Game bag
Drennan 2 rod Quiver
Odd quills found on the bank painted and varnished as floats
Korum Aeronium chair


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Mar 10, 2019
13ft drennan acolyte ultra float rod - been a genuine game changer for my float fishing.

6ft 6in Shakespeare ugly stick spinning rod - handy rod for fishing in tight spots.

tfgear 8-10ft compact allrounder - handy 3rd rod in the bag so to speak behind the float and feeder rods.

10ft Shakespeare Mach XT wand feeder rod - not new but went but missing in the garage for a few years after buying it so first full season I’ve used it. Will still upgrade it to an acolyte ultra 11ft feeder though as is a bit shorter than ideal.

Penn overseas pro travel boat rod - again not new but first year it’s been used more than once.


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May 1, 2016
Never thought I would buy one of these but after too many tangles and nearly loosing my complete set in the river I bought a --- MATRIX CATAPULT CASE ;) Thought they were a gimmick these specific cases, but they do the job well. No more tangles and no more slipping out of a slippery bag into the slippery drink.

dave brittain 1

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Apr 17, 2004
For me the purchase of an Octbox D25 has been a very good investment. Add the trolley attachments, either single XL wheel for naturals or the double front wheel for commercials and it's easy to transport all you gear to the peg in one go without having to carry a separate trolley in the car.

It's absolutely rock solid on natural venues and although you can buy an out rigger for improved stability, for light weights like me you won't need one.

Add the various modules and bait station options, not to mention that the preston and matrix ones all fit if you buy the 25mm leg adapters and you have the ultimate angling station that will last for a very long time as the build quality is the best on the market.

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Gear that I've used for the first time this year:

Daiwa Amorphous Whisker Waggler Special AWM 13W 13' (car boot sale £25 (y) ) - just as a general bog-standard waggler rod it's really difficult to fault it

8.5m Preston Edge Monster margin pole - awesome bit of kit - serious amounts of power despite being comparatively lightweight even at full length

Daiwa Caldia 2508A - I think it was BobCo who were knocking these out at about sixty quid at the back end of last year - I'm sure these were £200 reels when released so I took a punt on one and was pleased I did - wonderfully smooth but powerful - mag-sealed too which sounds expensive :p - only down side is the reel handle doesn't fold so I have to be a bit creative to squeeze it into a ready-rod bag.

Preston Extremity 512 - does exactly what it says on the tin 'Feeder Reel' - huge amounts of winding power, perfect line lay and matches perfectly with my Drennan Acolyte Distance Feeder 13' - which is what I bought it for to be fair.

And gear that I've had for a while but used a bit more this year:

Viva Sample S6 Float Rod 11' 10" - I've also got a tip version of one of these - I'd guess you'd class this as a pellet waggler rod but it's a bit stiffer than you'd expect and is also more powerful - almost (but not quite) Avon rod sort of strength.



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Feb 11, 2007
Specific items I've enjoyed using this season
  • Tricast Trilogy 2 Power Margin Pole - slim, light, responsive and utterly capable even in my idiot hands
  • Nick Gilbert Purple Ultra Core Solid Elastic - strong enough for margin lumps, soft enough to avoid bumping (most) silvers, stretchy AF
  • A pulla bung - I was so so so late to this party, ?‍♂️

However, the best kit for me has been what I left at home...

As a teenager, I regularly cycled 5 miles to fish the canal. I would strap a rod, rest, umbrella and landing net handle to the crossbar of my bike. Everything else I needed (folding landing net, tackle box, bait, my food and a thermos) had to be squeezed into a small rucksack that converted to a chair. With just those few essentials I loved every minute of my fishing.

30 years later my kit has become seriously bloated. Paring it back this season has been a revelation.

adrian john tas

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Dec 17, 2008
A matrix collaspable bucket just makes things so much easier and safer
And just got 4 wheel conversion for my preston shuttle saving my back already
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Jan 19, 2013
Those light rods are great... I have a Sonik LRF Rockfish 3-15g great for dropshotting??
Drop shotting, jigging and small metals used with mine, cant wait to do some LRF sea fishing.
Going to fish in some Cornish rock pools next year as well as some Suffolk marks ( not many rocks around here but some structures).
Grown man with full set of kit V. kid with net and bucket ?!