Goals for the new season?

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Dec 18, 2021
Now we can finally get back out on the rivers, what are your goals for this year?

I want to get some nights under my belt on the Thames.

Hoping for that first barbel, and thames carp. Some nice big roach and perch.

Im also looking forward to a few rare ones on the Wandle, hopefully one of those ghosties/kois and a trout.

More than anything im looking forward to getting my quiver tips back out and light tackle. It's been a winter and spring of pods and alarms and I've had my fill of it!


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Jul 4, 2019
My goal is basically to see if I can make a maggot feeder with casters, hemp and maggots work on the Severn and catch a few Barbel etc on that without getting Bleaked out. If not I will be reverting to pellets until later in the year. I would say I want my second double figure Barbel but they're a rare beast on the Middle Severn, for me at least anyway, so not going to have that as a specific target.


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Dec 31, 2021
I’m aiming to spend more time on the Trent this year and will be using the float on there for the first time this season. Bought an Okuma centrepin for this purpose and I suppose a target for the season would be to catch a barbel on the float.
I’d also really like a good perch from the Trent as well.


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Aug 17, 2007
1) Spend more time on the Trent
2) Catch more fish on the Trent
3) Get more to grips with mag and wag on the Trent
4) Have some proper roach days on the stick on the Trent
5) Get a grayling out the Trent.
6) Beat my PB chub (currently out the Trent, new one to be out the Trent)
7) Enjoy fishing on the Trent

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To catch a Zander.
If I have caught a Zander, to catch a pike, perch and a Zander all in the same day.